Session 4

Presenters: Josh Paton, Sze Tsang, Daniel Markulic

10:30amm: Josh Paton Point Blank

JWPATON is a Yuin artist and musician currently living on Darug Country, Blue Mountains. Working with lofi field recordings, JWPATON creates layered, processed manipulations of original source material. By pushing the limitations of digital software and a minimal modular synth setup, he creates long form ambient soundtracks.

10:45am: Sze Tsang The Lost

The Lost is an audio-visual contemplation of the sensation of loss, and the subsequent feelings of dislocation. The work is based on a map of Perth from 1838, detailing many of Perth’s now-lost wetlands, as well as a field recording from Herdman’s Lake and sonified longitudinal and latitude values. The Lost is an exploration of connections between artist, history and place, and how these aspects can inform and intersect in a piece of work.

11:00am: Daniel Markulic and Ni Pranaswari (violin) Artefacts

As technology evolvesso toodoesrole ofthe composer. Instead of letting technology take roles from us, we should expand our borders of what being a composer encapsulates so that we can include these new technologies as a tool of composition, rather than a means of creation. This piece composes with less traditional elements of music and technology, mainly, artefacts –both digital and organic. The score was created by allowing an Artificial Intelligence meant for creatingrealisticlandscapes,to interpret a traditional score. The output is an abstract visual of images that feel simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. The performer has been given rules on how to interact the score and create music from the images shown. When exposed to any image an individual creates connections from both extrinsic and intrinsic factors, whether they be cultural or from learned experiences. Creating an image void of connections allows us to an understanding of what is absolutely necessary in a score, and what is just noise.