Session 8a

Presenters: David Haberfeld

15:00: David Haberfeld Studio As Instrument - Honeysmack’s approach to composing electronic dance music

The practice-led research project investigated a range of approaches to real-time compositional practices engaged in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) sub-genre known as Acid. Specifically, the study explored how the creation of Acid is effectively assembled through interfacing and combining performance and recording platforms, while being informed by the stylistic characteristics of this established sub-genre. The evolution and impact of commercial interests around EDM were also interrogated.

The project investigates the nature and evolution of the compositional Acid practice under as the artist ‘Honeysmack’, examining the use of electronic instruments and technologies associated with EDM, with particular attention given to the role of the Roland TB-303 Bassline synthesizer. The research also demonstrated the ways the concept of the ‘studio-instrument’ defined the Acid genre. This was achieved through a critique of his professional experiences and outcomes as a composer and performer firmly embedded within the broader EDM community and framed by the broader history of EDM more generally.