Session 1

Presenters: Federico Camara Halac and Federico Ragessi, Leon Liang

09:00am: Leon Liang Clusters

This piece was conceived at the beginning of 2021, at which time the COVID-19 situation in Sydney was such that the annual New Year’s Eve Fireworks could be hosted with a live audience. This provided the sound material for the present composition, which consists of a recording of the Sydney crowd’s countdown to the New Year and a portion of the fireworks display, combined with supplementary audio recordings. From this material, the composer has developed small clusters of sound that expand into a mass of sonic chaos, almost like a musical representation of the current pandemic.

09:30am: Federico Camara Halac and Federico Ragessi ,Äú1002,Äù: A Collaborative Networked Performance with CollidePd

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have not only affected our own music classes and artistic research but have also profoundly changed music performance worldwide. In other words, since musicians cannot meet in the same room to play music with each other, they have learned to move their musical performance to the network. We argue that this translation can be thought of as a new opportunity to rethink music and music performance research, considering the network as a new performative space.

As a case study, we present “1002”, a collaborative networked performance created using a custom software called “CollidePd”. “1002” is an invitation to anonymous collaboration in real time with remote performers, without any required musical training. The sonic research of this performance is based on the sonification of the musical gesture mediated by the mobile device, emphasizing the participatory movement of the performers

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