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Welcome to the 2021 Australasian Computer Music Conference, hosted by the Australian Institute of Music. Below you will find all of the session information for the two days. If you have not yet purchased a ticket please do so from the main page. Session details include links to the relevant Zoom channels, or embeds for the relevant streams.

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Running August 26 and 27 all day, click here for the ACMC21 Online Sound Gallery.

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Papers (channel 1) Music Workshop (channel 2)



Welcome to ACMC21. This registration period will allow people to collect their thoughts, find their way around, and reach out for help if they have trouble accessing information or the Zoom links, etc.

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Session 1

Presenters include Mark Pedersen & Brigid Burke


Session 2 - ACMC'21 KEYNOTE - Sarah Belle Reid

What is an instrument? What is composition? Through the development of new technologies for sound and art-making, boundaries start to overlap and become blurred…when does our creative process become performance? When do our tools and systems start to resist our input, and instead become guides? What is OUR role in all of this?

In this talk, I’ll share my experiences shifting from “classically trained orchestral trumpeter” to “experimental electroacoustic performer-composer” over the last decade, and we will look at how the tools, instruments, and environments we create can spark meaningful questions (and answers) around our ever-evolving artistic identity and practice.


Session 3

Presenters include Zak Argabrite, Bridget Johnson, Weitong Huang

Session 4

Presenters include Josh Paton, Sze Tsang, Daniel Markulic


Session 5

Presenters include Jon Christopher Nelson


Session 6

Presenters include Sophie Rose, Cloud Unknowing, Robbie Pattinson



Session 8

Presenters include Roger Alsop, Yichen Wang, Jesse Austin-Stewart


Session 9

Presenters include Adrian Sherriff, Lindsay Vickery



Session 11 - Live Performance

06:00pm: Roger Alsop Lost Horizons

06:15pm: Ushini Attanayake/Ben Swift livecoding duo

06:30pm: Eric C Lemmon toy_5

06:45pm: Jon Christopher Nelson and sometimes wind from the south

07:15pm: Dylan Davis A Year on Acid

07:30pm: Brigid Burke and Adrian Sherriff PAUSAII



Session 1

Presenters include Federico Camara Halac and Federico Ragessi, Leon Liang




Session 4

Presenters include Nadiah Jailani, Taiyo Shirai


Session 6 - ACMC'21 Keynote - Neil Morris/DRMNGNOW

Song Still Sovereign Now delivered by Neil Morris aka DRMNGNOW will explore the importance of First Nations song and its place in still holding Sovereign value in so called Australia . This will be explored through a talk which will cover some of the work of DRMNGNOW including songs such as ‘Australia Does Not Exist’ , ‘Indigenous Land’ and ‘Get back to the Land’ where Morris will explain how he uses mediums of electronic music as a Sovereign tool as a means of honouring Indigenous Song continuation on the continent of so called Australia.


Session 6

Presenters include Sergio Santiago Renteria Aguilar, Sze Tsang


Session 7

Presenters include Ash Walker, Nancy Laver


Session 8

Presenters include Alex White, Federico Camera Halac



ACMA Annual General Meeting

2021 ACMA Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the Australasian Computer Music Association.



Session 9

Presenters include Blake Johnston, Eric Lemmon


Session 10 - Panel Discussion

04:30pm: Alice Bennett Discussion: Accessibility in Electronic Music

From early electronic music’s stereotype-smashing pioneers to Imogen Heap’s MiMu gloves, the freedom and flexibility of electronic music has opened a new world of accessible music making. Join electronic musicians Cassy Judy, Brigid Burke, Donna Hewitt, Cissi Tsang, and Sophie Rose to discuss the successes and lingering barriers of accessibility in music production and the industry, chaired by Alice Bennett.

For additional information please view the conference proceedings

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Session 11 - Music Performance

06:00pm: Fiona Hill Influx

06:40pm: Nicole L. Carroll In the Liminal Space

06:55pm: Roger Alsop Ghosts in Machines

07:05pm: Lindsay Vickery Mirovia Ocean

07:15pm: Mark Oliveiro & Adam Jeffery Corrugate(d)iron

07:25pm: Jon Drummond L>E>A>P Live Electro Acoustic Performance

07:40pm: Donna Hewitt Apparition

07:55pm: Dr. David Haberfeld Honeysmack Live

08:15pm: Gloria Damihan Dilate Ensemble